Broken down tractor, Vineyard Patio, and Rose

June 23, 2017

Summer has officially hit, and it hit with a bang. Our tractor broke down, and unfortunately we are still waiting on the parts, but we do what it takes to get the job done, and that’s where our 1948 Willy’s jeep came in. It’s loud, sounds like a fire truck, and not so environmental friendly, however it’s what had to be done.
There is lots of work in the vineyard to do. We are pulling out some hefty weeds after the rainy spring we had, and getting ready to put the first wire up. The chickens are loving all of the bugs that come along with the weeds. We have 12 new hens that have joined the family. The first couple of weeks, they watched the elders and didn’t leave the coop much. Now they are as happy as can be, free ranging and following the others into the vineyard.
Lots of landscaping has been done around the grounds to host the busy season ahead.
In May we released our first Rose vintage. 100% Merlot. It’s a dry style, super refreshing, and perfect for the patio days. We hope to see you here……

Happy Tasting!



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