Wine Lovers Gift Guide! A guide to some of my favorites

December 4, 2015

1.) Decanter
The best advice is to buy something that is easy to clean, if your using it often.

2.) A good set of Burgundy glasses
If you’re into reds, then Reidel makes a good set to really get your swirl on.
wine glass

3.) The world atlas of wine 7th Edition
Every wine lover’s bible

4.) Bicycle wine rack
If you like both wine and biking then this is the perfect gift.
bicycle wine rack

5.) Bottle shock movie
This is an all-time favorite of mine, and I am sure you’ll love it as well.
bottle shock

6.) 2 awesome wines for $40
Millstone 2014 Pinot Gris, Millstone 2013 Merlot- a good red for the first use in the decanter

7.) A good sturdy wine tote
07040 Double Bottle Wine Tote HR
And if your looking for one of these made locally, Helen from Reclothe Nanaimo makes some really great tote bags made from recycled materials.
Check out some of her stuff…



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