Bacchus tours the Millstone Winery

October 18, 2013

Millstone Winery in Nanaimo BC was a very fun visit. The label of the Cabernet Franc features ‘Black Frank’, founder of the legendary bathtub races and mayor of Nanaimo 1967-1984 & 1986-1990. A colourful character to say the least! The likeness is taken from his statue in the park, he cuts quite the figure indeed!

Millstone Winery Building

Fermentation at the Millstone Winery

Vineyard at Millstone Winery

Oak Barrels at Millstone Winery

Vineyard in the woods at Millstone Winery

Winemaker Dale Shortt at Millstone Winery

Drip irrigation at Millstone Winery

Statue of Black Frank in Nanaimo Harbour. Image of this statue is on Millstone Winery’s Cabernet Franc label.

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